This is a selection of commissions, collaborations and concepts by Luke Brown Design. A small, mobile studio specialising in branding, publishing and arts-sector design. For more information say hello.
Art direction & design for DUST Redux in collaboration with Jordan Dolheguy and Davin Lim. All work created internally at DUST — a multi-sensory concept label with five divisions that correspond to each of the five senses.
Identity design commissioned by Knowledge Society Australia’s first public knowledge agency. 'Accelerating innovation and problem-solving through the more effective dissemination of useful knowledge. The deeper a society’s knowledge base, the more creatively it solves its problems'.

Higher Arc Magazine Issue 4, art direction & design in collaboration with Jordan Dolheguy. Edited by Mieke Chew and Will Heyward.
Higher Arc illuminates local talent through a wider contextual framework of international discourse, rethinking creative sectors and creating a space where the dialogue between art, literature, design, music and film can be explored.

Higher Arc Magazine Issue 3, art direction & design in collaboration with Jordan Dolheguy.Higher Arc magazine publishes literature and visual art, the local and the far away. Higher Arc interprets and reinterprets, excerpts and extends, borrows and revises. form is not fixed, and finished is never completed.

Exchange Design remix for Desktop Magazine with Vince Frost, The aim of Exchange is to create a design dialogue between an emerging and an established talent. The two participants each provide an original design to the other, and they are then challenged to remix the exchanged work in their own style.